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What is Church VIP?

Around the clock
ministry coaching.

“Church VIP is the best way for your church to partner with an expert ministry coach. We’ve made a way for your church to get the support it needs, without all the dollar signs. You’ve never seen anything like this.”
TK Dennis – CEO at


Our monthly memberships start at $99. Compare our price tag with competing services. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. ūüôā


Submit questions and conundrums at any time of day. Also, select from a huge range of availability for personal phone calls and FaceTime.


Our consultants & coaches are experienced experts who really love your church, and they’ll go above and beyond to prove it to you.


We work hard to create a culture of inspirational excellence and sensational joy. We’re real people who love a good laugh. We promise we’re not boring.

How do I use Church VIP?

All you need is a computer and a phone.

VIP churches are able to start conversations with us right from their computer at any time of day. For more in depth conversations, schedule a phone call so we can chat with you verbally. There are no limits; we believe we were created to serve the church.

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Registration only takes about five minutes. Church VIP is extremely affordable too; plus, we’ll give you a¬†thirty day trial for FREE!

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Our in-depth questionnaire helps us get to know your church better. This data is important for us to help you strategize your next moves.

Start a conversation

You can start a conversation with us right from your Church VIP account. We’ll get back to you ASAP with our thoughts, and follow up questions.

What are some things Church VIP coaches can help with?

We can help with everything.

Our team consists of men and women with experiences in a multitude of departments and ministries. Sure, we can’t get up and preach your Sunday message for you, but we’re expert strategists that can help you prepare and plan for the future. We’re even available via FaceTime.

Our worship leader just quit!

We’re here to help you figure out your next steps at the drop of a hat.

We’re out of seats on Sunday. What’s next?

We specialize in strategizing for sustainable church growth.

We hate our church database!

We’re well versed in the best resources and tools your church should be using.

We need to get more butts in our seats.

Our marketing and outreach expertise can help you increase your weekly attendance sustainably.

How do we create a fair staff pay scale?

We’re also about the business. We can help with policies, handbooks, and procedures.

What’s the right ‘first hire’ for us?

We help church plants stay on the right track from the start.

We need a new kid’s curriculum.

We’re always familiar with the latest innovations in curriculum and next gen strategy.

We need to increase our giving.

We can coach you on how to increase your weekly giving so you have more resources to work with.

More Possibilities

РSuggest the best apps to use in your department.
– Assist in media setup difficulties.
РRecommend the best ways to modernize your media setup.
РHelp ensure that your staff members are in the best places for their skill sets.
– Identify personality strengths and weaknesses on your staff.
– Identify the right curriculum for your kids ministry.
– Recommend game and media ideas for student ministry.
РSuggest ways to save money with energy saving products that are right for your facility.
РSuggest the right tools for background checks and protection of next generation ministries.
–¬†Help you create a winning strategy for adding more service times.
– Help you strategize a new ministry or outreach.
– Partner with you during giving campaigns.
– Assist you in bringing in special guest speakers.
– Recommend best practices for your budget.
–¬†Offer location¬†based¬†salary data for every position of your staff.
РHelp you make your next hire.
РSuggest best practices in launching a small group system.
– Provide assistance in hosting the right annual events for your church culture.
–¬†Help you create an incredible volunteer kick-off event.
– Isolate problem areas that have become hard to see from the inside.
РHelp in transitioning from a sunday school model to a large group / small group model in kid min.
– Help you find the right fit for a checkin or database system.
– Provide advice in hosting monthly family events.
– Suggest ideas for honoring volunteers and staff.
– Suggest best practices for child baptism.
РProvide you with great resources for parent child dedication.
– Help you identify new volunteers within your church.
– Recommend best practices for ministry time management.
– Suggest best practices for a giving campaign.
– Suggest the right strategies to manage your social media.
– Help you set up social media accounts for your ministries.
– Review and refine your staff handbook.
– Identify the best online giving options for your church.
– Help during pastoral transitions and successions.
– Advise care pastors on ministering to the sick or those on hospice.
– Provide the best time management solutions specific to your strengths and weaknesses.
–¬†Help you turn your sermons into podcasts.
– Offer best practices for live streaming church services and events.
– Provide counsel on strategic moves regarding additional locations.
–¬†Offer encouragement to pursue more sustainable dreams.
– Provide honest feedback for sermon series and creative endeavors.
– Give advice for having productive and purposeful meetings.
– Provide inspiration and ideas for family events.

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Trusted by church leaders around the globe.

“Everyone in ministry needs! If you want to take your church to the next level you need to keep up with all that has to offer.”

“We are so excited to be partnering with¬†They are a bringing insight, inspiration, growth and development to leaders all over the world through innovative tools and media.”

Landon Pickering

Church Hustle

Craig Johnson

Director of Ministries
Lakewood Church

Meet some of the team.

Our team of experts are real people, who really love the church.

There’s even more to love.

We’re not just sitting around waiting for your emails.

The team is full of leaders who are constantly creating and innovating.

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We invite guests from around the world to talk shop and do Q&A.

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